Board Meeting 12/22/02015

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John Warren's Proxy Assigned to Chairperson Mark Waser's Proxy Assigned to Chairperson

Attending: David Kelley, Kieth Comoto, B.J. Murphy, Erico Lopez

After voting attending: David Othus, Mike Lorrey

Board Meeting 12/22/02015 AD 5:00 PM PST - 5:30 PM PST


Motion 1: We [TNC Interim Board] move to adopt the minutes of the last board meeting


Motion 2: We [TNC Interim Board] move to adopt the draft as noted below as the official Wiki Guidelines for the TNC board document archive.

Transhuman National Committee Wiki Guidelines (draft)

Motion 3: We [TNC Interim Board] move to adopt the logo as linked below as the official logo and basic branding for the TNC.

[Red-line] [[1]]

Motion 4: We [TNC Interim Board] move to approve only linking to one external wiki being the most generic wiki namely at the top level of the TNC document archive wiki especially links to partisan wiki's in the context of transhumanism.

Motion 5: We [TNC Interim Board] move to append the following content posting limits to the forum rules: non TNC business related posts are limited to 1 top-level post per day or 2 top-level posts in 3 days. Administrative guidelines for content include that top-level posts should be related to Transhumanist thought and Politics or the application of policy as well as the United States.

Motion 6: We [TNC Interim Board] move to append the following rule to the open forum rules: "Any two users removed or banned and re-added repetitively totaling 3 violations related to each other, involving each other are required to block each other as part of re-admitting them to the open forum the forth or more time(s). "

Motion 7: We [TNC Interim Board] move to accept Mark Waser's resignation.

Motion 8: We [TNC Interim Board] move that we create business only forum for the board, any non business related posts will be deleted immediately and the offender banded after 3 violations.