FB Public Poll 21 Oct 02015 (2)

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David J Kelley created a poll. October 21

There were several nominations for Chairman. of those that where nominated only one accepted that nomination as listed below. if some one else would to be considered please ad your name. Those that were nominated and are American citizens and declined this particular rule include David Pizer, Lincoln Cannon, James Hughes, Hank Pellissier. Of these listed below who should we elect as Chairman pending the convention?

David J Kelley+24

Natasha Vita-More +5

Jason Silva + 4

Ben Goertzel +4

Max More +4

Zoltan Istvan +4

B.J. Murphy +3

Mike Lorrey +3

Gennady Stolyarov II +3

Hank Pellissier +2

Date Collected: 11/24/02015AD