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Randal Koene created a poll. November 3 at 4:45pm

What do you think should be the goal of this FB group and committee?

Nationwide lobbying for technology-positive attitudes in politics. +7

Supporting communication and unified efforts between distinct transhumanist parties (**) +3

Lobbying for specific changes in specific laws +1

Organising PACs and caucuses within existing political parties with transhumanist aims +1

Forming a unified political party behind a unified platform (*) +1

public comments:

Randal Koene: (*) Note that my previous poll post and the ensuing thread seems to have demonstrated, empirically, that a unified political party is unlikely to emerge. Putting that option here just in case someone still believes there is a route to a common platform. Like · Reply · 3 · November 3 at 4:46pm

Randal Koene: (**) The distinct parties referred to here could be parties such as those I suspected (near the end of the discussion thread in the previous poll I posted) are likely to emerge, e.g. a progressive-transhumanist party, a libertarian-transhumanist party. Like · Reply · 2 · November 3 at 4:47pm

Randal Koene: Posting this poll, as the next logical question on my mind following the (in my opion) clear and crass demonstration in the previous poll's outcome. Like · Reply · November 3 at 4:48pm

Nicholas P Garcia: I think this is the most important question about what this group needs to be. Also, I don't think all of these options are mutually exclusive. For instance, the current top two results (nationwide lobbying for tech-positivity, and supporting unification between diverse transhuman parties) could easily go hand-in-hand. Like · Reply · November 4 at 6:59am

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