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An ASP.NET MVC Razor C# and HTML5 Cloud based Azure project/solution for TNC registration and voting projects intended for short term as a voting and registration solution. This project is managed by Kevin MacNeel.

[| GitHub Project]

Related resources

dev location in azure is: [[1]]

Core Dev Persona include:

Jill Doe, Ph.D (Academic Transhumanist)

Jill has a Ph.D. In Computer Science and specializes in distributed system architecture. She takes a scientific approach to life, her work and her philosophy of transhumanism. She is an early adopter and her fetish is the latest technology either before or as soon as it is released.

Technology Comforts

  • Technology: 9
  • Microsoft: 5
  • Mobile: 8
  • Early Adopter: 9
  • iOS: 7
  • Android: 8
  • Internet: 9
  • Social Media: 5

Jane Doe (Counter Culture Transhumanist)

Jane believes in transhumanism more then just due to some academic basis but as an aesthetic one. A bit into Cyber Punk, Syfy and other related aesthetics Jane is into all things futurist and Transhuman.

Technology Comforts

  • Technology: 6
  • Microsoft: 4
  • Mobile: 9
  • Early Adopter: 9
  • iOS: 7
  • Android: 8
  • Internet: 9
  • Social Media: 8

Core user story:

[Jane] hears about a new political movement the TNC (Transhuman National Committee) and after going to the web site is able to learn more about Transhumanism in Politics and decides to register as a member. [Jane] is able to click on a link and sign up as a new member. [Jane] gets a confirmation email with other related information.

Registration Form Data Fields

  • First Name (String) *
  • Last Name (String) *
  • Email address (String) *
  • Postal Code (String) *
  • City (String) *
  • State (Code) *
  • County (String) *
  • Country (String) *
  • Voting Age (Boolean) *
  • Sex (String)
  • Age (int)
  • Citizen (Boolean) *
  • Income Range (String)
  • Education (String)
  • Married (String)
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Blog
  • Website
  • Profession
  • Work Title
  • Professional Title
  • Captcha *
  • Indicated required fields